BSP API Reference

The following provides a list of BSP API documentation

Pin Mappings

Macro definitions for common peripheral pins on the board

LED Pins

Pins connected to user LEDs on the board

Button Pins

Pins connected to user buttons on the board

Communication Pins

Pins associated with connections on the board for communication interfaces (UART/I2C/SPI/…)

Arduino Header Pins

Pins mapped to the Arduino header on the board

J2 Header Pins

Pins mapped to the J2 header on the board


Pins connected to CapSense sensors on the board


Pins connected to the WCO on the board

Pin States

Macros to abstract out whether the LEDs & Buttons are wired high or active low

Error Codes

Error codes specific to the board


All functions exposed by the board

Bluetooth Configuration Structure

Basic configuration structure for the Bluetooth interface on this board