Data Structures

group group_scb_ezi2c_data_structures
struct cy_stc_scb_ezi2c_config_t
#include <cy_scb_ezi2c.h>

EZI2C slave configuration structure.

Public Members

cy_en_scb_ezi2c_num_of_addr_t numberOfAddresses

The number of supported addresses either.

uint8_t slaveAddress1

The 7-bit right justified primary slave address.

uint8_t slaveAddress2

The 7-bit right justified secondary slave address.

cy_en_scb_ezi2c_sub_addr_size_t subAddressSize

The size of the sub-address, can either be 8 or 16 bits.

bool enableWakeFromSleep

When set, the slave will wake the device from Deep Sleep on an address match (The device datasheet must be consulted to determine which SCBs support this mode)

struct cy_stc_scb_ezi2c_context_t
#include <cy_scb_ezi2c.h>

EZI2C slave context structure.

All fields for the context structure are internal. Firmware never reads or writes these values. Firmware allocates the structure and provides the address of the structure to the driver in function calls. Firmware must ensure that the defined instance of this structure remains in scope while the drive is in use.