SPI RX FIFO Statuses

group group_scb_spi_macros_rx_fifo_status

Macros to check SPI RX FIFO status returned by Cy_SCB_SPI_GetRxFifoStatus function or assign mask for Cy_SCB_SPI_ClearRxFifoStatus function.

Each SPI RX FIFO status is encoded in a separate bit, therefore multiple bits may be set to indicate the current status.



The number of entries in the RX FIFO is more than the RX FIFO trigger level value.


The RX FIFO is not empty, there is data to read.


The RX FIFO is full.

There is no more space for additional data. Any additional data will be dropped.


The RX FIFO was full and there was an attempt to write to it.

This additional data was dropped.


An attempt to read from an empty RX FIFO.